Accepted Special Sessions

We are glad to announce the special sessions that have been accepted for WCCI 2022.

In the following, you can find the sessions organised by event:

Special Sessions accepted for IJCNN 2022
IJCNN-SS-1Deep Learning for visual, audio, and sensor data analysis in Smart City environments
IJCNN-SS-3Randomization-Based Deep and Shallow Learning Algorithms
IJCNN-SS-5Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
IJCNN-SS-6Hypercomplex-valued neural networks - Theory and Applications
IJCNN-SS-8Online Intelligence and Trust Computation in Large-scale Dynamic Networks
IJCNN-SS-9Federated Learning and Cooperative Neural Networks (CoNN)
IJCNN-SS-11Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving
IJCNN-SS-13Machine Learning Applications in Psychology
IJCNN-SS-14Theory, Methodology, and Applications of Reinforcement Learning in Multi-agent Systems
IJCNN-SS-15Computational Intelligence in Software Engineering (CISE)
IJCNN-SS-16Explainable and Interpretable Deep Learning (EX-DL) Approaches to address Health Challenges
IJCNN-SS-17Knowledge Mining from Pretrained Neural Networks
IJCNN-SS-18Transfer Learning under Weak Supervision
IJCNN-SS-20L3-IPA: Life-Long Learning in Practical Applications
IJCNN-SS-21Data-driven decision support for streaming data with uncertainties
IJCNN-SS-23Audio and speech enhancement: emerging trends in Deep Learning
IJCNN-SS-24Prospects of edge AI: algorithms, devices, and applications
IJCNN-SS-25Machine Learning for Wireless Communication Systems
IJCNN-SS-26Learning from Imbalanced and Difficult Data
IJCNN-SS-27Tiny Machine Learning
IJCNN-SS-28Hyperdimensional Computing and Vector Symbolic Architectures in Neural Networks
IJCNN-SS-30Rule-based representation and learning: advances and challenges
IJCNN-SS-31Computational Intelligence for Community-centric Systems
IJCNN-SS-33Deep Reinforcement Learning and Attention models.
IJCNN-SS-34Variational Learning for Quantum Neural Networks
IJCNN-SS-35Deep Learning for Graphs
IJCNN-SS-37Continual Learning and Emergence of Intelligent Systems: Theory and Application
IJCNN-SS-39Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine: Challenges and Breakthroughs
IJCNN-SS-41Analysis and Design of Hybrid Neural Intelligent Models and Applications
Special Sessions accepted for CEC 2022
CEC-SS-1Evolutionary Multitasking
CEC-SS-2Evolutionary Quantum inspired Machine Learning Algorithms
CEC-SS-3Differential Evolution: Past, Present and Future
CEC-SS-4Nature-inspired Computing in Intelligent Transportation Systems
CEC-SS-5Subset Selection in Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
CEC-SS-6Advances in Decomposition-based Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization (ADEMO)
CEC-SS-7Evolutionary Computations and Metaheuristics using GPU
CEC-SS-8Partitioning and Clustering for Evolutionary Computation
CEC-SS-9Evolutionary Computation for Permutation Problems
CEC-SS-10Bilevel Optimization: Methods and Applications
CEC-SS-11Artificial Immune Systems
CEC-SS-12Computational Intelligence with human factors
CEC-SS-13Theoretical Foundations of Bio-inspired Computation
CEC-SS-15Evolutionary Computation for Feature Selection, Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction
CEC-SS-18Multimodal Multiobjective Optimization
CEC-SS-19Nature-Inspired Constrained Optimization
CEC-SS-20Evolutionary Algorithms for Complex Optimization in the Energy Domain
CEC-SS-21AutoDesign4EC: Automated Algorithm Design for Evolutionary Computation
CEC-SS-22Evolutionary Computation in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments
CEC-SS-23Evolutionary Transfer Learning and Transfer Optimisation
CEC-SS-24Special Session Associated with Competition on Real Parameter Single Objective Bound Constrained Optimization
CEC-SS-25Computational Intelligence for Music, Art, and Creativity
CEC-SS-26Evolutionary Computer Vision and Image Processing (ECVIP)
CEC-SS-27Evolutionary Machine Learning for Planning and Scheduling
CEC-SS-28Evolutionary Scheduling and Combinatorial Optimization
CEC-SS-29Special Session on Games
CEC-SS-30Evolutionary Computation in Healthcare Industry
CEC-SS-31Special Session on Memetic Computing
CEC-SS-32Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimization and Scheduling Problems in Smart Cities
CEC-SS-33Accelerated Evolutionary Algorithms for Deep Learning and Parallel Models in Future Generation Computing (AEA)
Special Sessions accepted for WCCI 2022 (cross-disciplinary)
FUZZ-SS-8Quantum Computational Intelligence
FUZZ-SS-11Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Prediction Intervals: Theory and Application
FUZZ-SS-14Software for Soft Computing
FUZZ-SS-18Advances on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence
FUZZ-SS-19Fuzzy and Uncertain Intelligent Knowledge Engineering Systems
FUZZ-SS-20Advanced fuzzy technology with application to interactive robots
FUZZ-SS-22Computational Intelligence methods for Natural Language Processing
IJCNN-SS-2Evolving Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models for Computer Vision
IJCNN-SS-4Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods applied to Vision and Robotics (MLDLMVR)
IJCNN-SS-7Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence
IJCNN-SS-10The 3rd Session on Bayesian Neural Networks: The Interplay between Bayes’ Theorem and Neural Networks
IJCNN-SS-12Reservoir Computing: algorithms, implementations and applications
IJCNN-SS-19Learning-based methods for robot navigation and manipulation
IJCNN-SS-29Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning for Smart Energy Systems
IJCNN-SS-32Computational Intelligence for IoT, Cloud, Edge, and Fog Systems
IJCNN-SS-36Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security of IoT Systems (AICSIoT)
IJCNN-SS-38Artificial Intelligence for Countering Disinformation and Information warfare
IJCNN-SS-40Data-Efficient Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Control, Automation, and Population Systems Optimization
IJCNN-SS-42Computational Intelligence Enabled Prognostics and Health Management
CEC-SS-16Computational Intelligence in Space and Aerospace
CEC-SS-17Computational intelligence for industrial sustainability (CIIS)
Special Sessions accepted for INDUSTRY DAY
IDSpecial session title
IJCNN-SS-43Computational Intelligence approaches for Industry 4.0
IJCNN-SS-44Computational Intelligence for metals science and technology