Organising Committee

General Chairs

Marco Gori

General Chair

WCCI Honorary Chairs

Piero Bonissone, USA

WCCI Honorary Chair

IJCNN Conference Chairs

Barbara Hammer, DE

IJCNN Conference Chair

Kai Qin, AU

IJCNN Conference Chair

IJCNN Technical Chairs

Nik Kasabov, NZ

IJCNN Technical Chair

Derong Liu, CN

IJCNN Technical Chair

Jose C. Principe, USA

IJCNN Technical Chair

FUZZ-IEEE Conference Chairs

Patricia Melin, MX

FUZZ-IEEE Conference Chair

Oscar Cordón Garcia, ES

FUZZ-IEEE Conference Chair

FUZZ-IEEE Technical Chairs

Plamen Angelov, UK

Fernando Gomide, BR

Radu-Emil Precup, RO

IEEE CEC Conference Chairs

Carlos A. Coello Coello, MX

CEC Conference Chair

Sanaz Mostaghim, DE

CEC Conference Chair

IEEE CEC Technical Chairs

Carlos Segura Gonzalez, MX

Alice Smith, USA

Ke Tang, CN

Finance Chair

Francesco Masulli, IT

Publication Chair

Stefano Squartini, IT

Plenary Session Chairs

Cesare Alippi, IT

Francisco Herrera, ES

Yew-Soon Ong, SG

Poster Session Chairs

Stefanos Kollias, UK

Manuel Roveri, IT

Autilia Vitiello, IT

Special Session Chairs

Keeley Crockett, UK

Alessio Micheli, IT

Julian Togelius, USA

Tutorial Chairs

Xiaodong Li, AU

Hava Siegelmann, USA

Peter Tino, UK

Marek Reformat, CA

Bing Xue, NZ

Workshop Chairs

Sushmita Mitra, IN

Luca Oneto, IT

Hugo Terashima Marín, MX

Panel Session Chairs

Uzay Kaymak, NL

Paulo Lisboa, UK

Yaochu Jin, UK

Industry Liaison Chairs

Michelangelo Diligenti, IT

Thomas A. Runkler, DE

Simon See, SG

Conflict of Interest Papers Chairs

Zhao Dongbin, CN

Competition Chairs

Mike Preuss, NL

Jialin Liu, CN

Simon Lucas, UK

Award Chair

Stefan Wermter, DE

Student Activities Chairs

Kerstin Bunte, NL

Joao Paulo Carvalho, PT

Stefano Rovetta, IT

Paper Submission Chair

Nicolò Navarin, IT

Publicity/Public Relations Chair

Davide Bacciu, IT

Sponsor/Exhibit Chair

Edmondo Trentin, IT

Mobile App and Social Media Chair

Simone Scardapane, IT

Local Arrangements Chairs

Fabio Aiolli, IT

Lamberto Ballan, IT

Monica Bianchini, IT

Massimiliano de Leoni, IT

Claudio Gallicchio, IT

Franco Scarselli, IT

Giovanni Da San Martino, IT

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