Special Sessions

Call for Special Sessions

The Special Sessions Chairs invite the submission of Special Session proposals to the 2022 IEEE WCCI. Special session proposals should be submitted by November 15, 2021 using the form at the bottom of this page.

Guidelines to special session organizers

  • Each Special Session should generally have a maximum of four organizers and it is mandatory that at least one of them attends and chairs the SS. In special circumstances such as multi-disciplinary proposals or proposals integrating a CI technique from neural networks, evolutionary computation and fuzzy system with machine learning and operations research techniques, four or five organizers are possible but this needs to be fully justified.
  • Special Sessions must have a single main organizer, the corresponding contact. Others can be co-organizers. All the organizers must be a staff member at an institution or a company, and no PhD or other students can be organizers.
  • Organizers should avoid very narrow topics for Special Sessions, trying to have accepted papers from different institutions.
  • Special Sessions Organizers must handle the review process of papers submitted to their own session. However, at least two reviewers per paper must be selected from researchers outside authors of papers of the special session. It is expected that organizers are committed to providing the reviews in due time.
  • The organizers of each special session must decide which  conference or event (IJCNN, IEEE CEC, FUZZ IEEE or Industrial Day) they want their special session to be associated with.
  • All the submitted special sessions will be assessed by the organizing committee.  Proposals of similar topics will be asked to be merged or modified.

Proposal details

Proposals should be submitted using the form below and should contain the following information:

  • Name, Affiliation, and email of the primary contact person;
  • Name, affiliation, and emails of additional special session organizers;
  • Event(s) the special session is referred to;
  • Special session title;
  • Special session description: abstract, objectives, goals, relevance to IEEE WCCI, and expected outcomes [max 6000 characters];
  • If this special session has been held previously, then the organizers should indicate this and describe briefly past attendance and outcomes, and why another special session is needed [max 6000 characters];
  • Motivation for why an IEEE WCCI special session on this topic is needed [max 1500 characters];
  • Description of target audience and estimated number of participants [max 1500 characters];
  • List of committed program committee members;
  • Short biographical sketch for each organizer, describing relevant qualifications and experience [max 6000 characters].

Proposal evaluation criteria

All special session proposals will be reviewed based on the following considerations:

  • Relevance of the special session to the scope of the main event;
  • The special session concerns a coherent and important technical topic of high interest in the community;
  • Novelty with respect to other special sessions, especially with respect to other IEEE WCCI 2022 special sessions;
  • Likely impact on the target community, including likelihood of strong participation;
  • Confirmation to serve as program committee members from well respected researchers.

Special Session proposal form

The special session deadline has passed. Thank you for your interest.