Remote Presentation Instructions


This page contains important information about remote presentation(s) at IEEE WCCI 2022.

We have opted for a format where each contributed presentation will take the following form.


Oral Paper Presentation Video: All presenters of oral presentations are required to upload a pre-recorded video of up to 15 minutes which will be played during the timetables slot of the presentation. Feel free to use your own, respectively your institution’s or funder’s slide design/template. The presentation will also be available on the Whova virtual platform for attendees to watch on-demand, irrespective of time-zone. For each oral presentation you have up to 100MB available.

Live Questions and Answers: All oral paper presentations will be followed by LIVE Q&A, thus please make sure that at least one of the paper’s authors is available during your timetabled sessions. The session chair(s) will contact you before the conference providing the Zoom link(s).


Poster PDF: All presenters of poster presentations are required to upload on Whova a PDF file of the poster. The poster should be in 16:9 aspect ratio, max size 10MB, and the rendering should be appropriate for a 4K display. The poster will be available on the Whova virtual platform.

Poster Paper Presentation Video: All presenters of poster presentations are also required to upload a pre-recorded video of up to 7 minutes presenting the poster PDF which will be available on the Whova virtual platform for attendees to watch on-demand.

For poster presentations, Q&A will be asynchronous using Whova. Presenters are required to periodically check their Whova account for questions.

For each poster presentation you have 50MB available in total (video + poster PDF).


To upload your presentation video(s) and poster PDF(s), you should have received an email through the Whova conference platform on Thursday July 7th, titled “WCCI 2022 paper/poster uploads for remote presentations”. The email contains a personalized link where you can upload the video(s) of your presentation(s) and poster PDF(s), and the instructions on how to do so. Please check your spam folder if you didn’t see the email.

In order for video(s) and poster PDF(s) to be verified by the technical program committee, there is considerable urgency in preparing and uploading them. Accordingly, we ask you to please finalize and upload your video(s) and poster PDF(s) no later than July 12th 2022. This is a HARD DEADLINE.


Please use the following guidelines for preparing your video. Final specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not compliant may not be uploaded.


  • Oral paper presentations: up to 15 min video, max 100 MB.
  • Poster paper presentations: up to 7 min video, max 50 MB including poster PDF.

Instructions and Tips for Recording your Video:

Our recommended approach to record a compatible video from the content displayed on your computer screen and voice recording via the computer microphone is to record the presentation using Zoom, available to users on most platforms and in most countries.


Recommended Encoding Settings:

  • Format: MP4
  • Compression: H.264 (AAC for Audio)
  • Resolution: Minimum height of 480 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Frame Rate: Content should be encoded and uploaded in the same frame rate it was recorded. Common frame rates include: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 fps
  • Bitrate: Variable

File Size:

  • up to 15 minutes (oral presentations): 100 MB or less
  • up to 7 minutes (poster presentations): 50MB or less

Please start working on your video and poster PDF now to allow for adequate time when it comes time to upload.


  1. Use as quiet an area as possible
  2. Avoid areas that have echo
    • Rooms should be fairly small
    • Sound dampening with carpeting, curtains, furniture
  3. Good headset with microphone close to mouth BUT away from direct line of mouth to reduce “pops”. Avoid using default built-in microphone on computer.
  4. Do a test recording of a couple of minutes and review the sound and picture quality, MP4 format, and bit rate before recording the entire presentation. Make adjustments if needed.


  1. Make sure to have the Zoom client installed (web version is not recommended)
  2. Hardline internet connection recommended, but if unavailable, a strong Wi-Fi connection